About Us

In 2011 a culinary proposal with a different essence was born in Liberia, quality food as if it was freshly made at home, with accessible prices, while you enjoy a differentiated service in a clean, fresh, authentic and captivating environment.

The menu speaks about the Costa Rican gastronomy, dishes prepared with national products by cooks from Guanacaste. Donde Pipe takes care of the cultural and natural patrimony, incorporating responsible practices with the environment and communities. We produce 75% of our energy by solar panels, we walk hand in hand with technology without leaving out our environment, separating our wastes for their due treatment, and promoting our supply policies focused on supporting the local producers.

We seek to strengthen the transfer of gastronomic knowledge from generation to generation, taking advantage of the blessings of our lands and motivated in creating homemade options for the enjoyment of our clients.

Our Mission

Offer a gastronomic experience of excellency through a quality service and a fair price under the principles of sustainability and emphasizing the traditional Costa Rican cuisine as an important part of the cultural identity of our people.

Our Vision

Be a leading restaurant of Costa Rican cuisine and a sustainable gastronomic model in Guanacaste.

Committed With the Environment

Committed with the environment and the continuous improvement of its environmental management, carrying out an effective use of resources, and through the execution and dissemination of actions to distribute the carbon footprint.

Committed With Future Generations

Necessity of satisfying society’s current requirements without compromising the right of future generations of satisfying their own. In this way, development must not be based on an excessive exploitation of resources to cover its habitants’ basic necessities.

We Worry About Your Well-Being

We seek that our Clients find healthy options, fresh and recently prepared food.

Fast Options of Local Food in Liberia

Typical food, healthy and Guanacaste food; salads, sandwiches, tortillas, rosquillas, casados (complete meals), breakfast and lunch buffet. Cakes and pastries for coffee during the afternoon. Fast food, takeout food or food to be enjoyed in a clean restaurant with air conditioning, spacious parking lot and free Internet. The restaurant of economic food for the entire family.

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